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What is Bankruptcy all about???

Bankruptcy laws are  designed to protect you and your family's assets, when debt becomes an overwhelming issue.  It is easy to get in over your head, but there is a solution. Instead of stressing over which bill to pay this month, take charge of your life. Call us to come up with a REAL strategy.  


Bankruptcy can be the key to immediate relief to jump start your long term plans for financial success.  


A court order called an "automatic stay" is immediately put in place when any type of bankruptcy is filed.  The "automatic stay"  protects you by forcing creditors to temporarily stop ALL collection efforts against you or your property. 

Bankruptcy: Text


Chapter 7 is the fastest, easiest and least expensive type of bankruptcy.  This type of bankruptcy is commonly referred to as a "wipe-out", because all of the Chapter 7 filer's unsecured debts (payday loans, credit cards, medical bills, etc.) can be eliminated and permanently forgiven by the Bankruptcy Court. There are certain types of debts (student loans, alimony or child support payments) that are not affected by a bankruptcy filing and will not be eligible for forgiveness.   


Chapter 13 is a reorganization bankruptcy designed for debtors with a regular source of income. Essentially, Ch. 13 filers are able to agree to a set payment plan to keep and catch-up on outstanding debts, including mortgage and automobile loan payments. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to catch up on missed payments over a 3-5 year period (without constantly worrying about foreclosure) and may allow you to reduce qualifying vehicle debt. This type of filing can be extremely beneficial to some individuals, given the extended protections that permit you to keep your property & items.

Contact our attorneys today for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your options and reclaim control.  


(1) Contact our experienced attorneys to discuss your current situation & options

(2) Make a complete list of everyone you owe or think you may owe a debt

(3) Check your credit report to be certain you have EVERYONE (all creditors) included

(4) Meet with us to discuss and implement the most beneficial legal strategy for you and your family.

We know this process can be scary, although necessary. We will walk you thru each step to make certain you understand and have the tools needed to avoid financial stress in the future. 

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